Hi welcome on gymsac.de.

Lately I have seen a  cute midtwenty girl driving her Hollandbike. Her hair was dark, her dress was fluttering in the wind as the summersun was burning. There where these very cool loomings in the air over the street and she had one these gymacs! It was wet and there was a breeze of sweet in the air. As I was looking after her I remember myself:

Once I had a gymsac, one of these handy little backpacks made of cotton, where you can put all your stuff in, with two cords to tie it up and cary it. I liked it very much. It was leightweight with a soft and smoothy case. On my ways back from school or from sports I used to use it as a pillow and leaning against the bus’s window.

These Bags are so comfotable and light, you forgot about wearing it, after a short period of time. Its weight, smooveness,  may be the reason, I forgot from time to time that I had one bags with me.

Probably everybody remembers – You think you still got it on your back but as you try to grab it its gone. It is standing at the station, in the bus, in the school, at sports, or maybe in the swimming hall, at home, at your bike or at lunch. It may be anywhere. Mostly when you realise it it’ll be too late.

This page is meant to help all of you missing a gymsac t find a proper subtiute. Here you can help the community of gymsac-forgetters to find a new one. Here, we try collect all the beautyful stuff out there concerning vintage gymsacs.

We want to see you with your favourite gymsac on photos. Collect them and show us your favourite ones. We want to see you with a smile on your face as big as the sun and your gymsac on your back. Share with us your favourite gymsac moment, tell us about your favourite shops and sellers. Best prizes and the most long lasting qualities. Post pictures and tell us your stories.

A Gymsac is the most practical and easy to cary bag! Ever! And they are back in our streets now. Nobody can diny that. So let’s do it.